Hand-Ups, Not, Hand-Outs, LLC

  • "Empowerment and Accountability to Help YOU Succeed"
  • "YES! You CAN Achieve Financial Independence!"
  • "Leave an inheritance, leave a LEGACY!"
  • "What you don't keep is building wealth for someone else!"
  • "Build a solid foundation that will stand during tough times!"

Are You Ready To Change Your Life?

We're here to help YOU take charge of your finanial future with a variety of programs designed to empower, educate, and hold you accountable

Our strategy is very simple, but it works:

Lay a Firm Foundation

Your wealth building journey starts with an honest assessment of your income and expenses. Then, together, we chart out a success plan based on your goals, dreams, and available resources.

Build and Maintain Wealth

It's not just enough to build wealth! We must maintain it. And protect it against the unknown future. We will work with you to implement time-tested strategies for building and preserving your resources.

Live Abundantly!

You are now FREE to live ABUNDANTLY! You can enjoy life to the fullest and make the most amazing difference in the lives of those around you. Come trade in the rat-race for the passionate life you’ve dreamed of!

Lead Others To Success!

Now that you are living abundantly, you are in a unique position to help others climb out of debt and begin to build wealth. Join us as financial planners / coaches or, if you prefer, advocate for us and/or sponsor our work.